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Need top talent for your team?


We conduct interviews with all key people involved in the candidate selection process. We strive to learn all we can about your organization, history, market presence and vision, so that we can assist you in every way possible to make those goals a reality and attract top talent to your firm.


Our Search Options

Retained Search:  The retained search is the most resourceful recruitment service provided by The Hanna Group. This strategy represents the highest level of  partnership between the Client and our Recruiters. We will conduct a highly coordinated and successful search and we leverage 100% of our Recruiter’s energy and time.  This option assures the maximum effort in securing qualified candidates. In addition, candidates presented will not be shown to any other client during this process. 90 day placement guarantee. The fee for this service is based on a percentage of the candidate's first year compensation. During the recruitment process, the client pays one-third of the fee at the inception of the search and the remaining two-thirds when the candidate starts.
Priority Search:  This is our most popular search. Candidates presented will be exclusive to the client for a window of 30 days and there will be a 60-day full candidate replacement guarantee.  This option requires an engagement fee of 20% or a minimum of $5,000 to be paid by the client at the beginning of the recruitment process. The balance of the service fee is payable within 10 days of the candidate's start date. 
Contingency Search:  In a contingency search, the client agrees that the search will be exclusive for a period of 30 days.  Each candidate may be presented to multiple clients during the same time frame with the current search.  30-day full replacement guarantee.  
Contract Staffing: We offer a full range of contract staffing solutions to meet cyclical demands and reduce costs.

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

  • Contract-to-Hire  

  • Long-term & Short-term Projects 

  • Direct Placement

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"The level of professionalism demonstrated by the staff at HG is paramount and we have found them to be our best recruiting partner.  They have the unique ability to listen to our hiring needs, ask the right questions and exceed our expectations when it comes to finding the best talent.  We are fortunate to have found such an effective recruiting partner."

Michael B, SVP Global Manufacturing Firm

Jay's work ethic is exemplary and I have never known a service provider who is so entrenched in the organization. He and his team know the business and the culture of their clients, so much so, that candidates have given me feedback along the lines of not being able to distinguish whether he is truly an employee of the client company or not.
I am honored to be asked to write a recommendation for Jay and the Hanna Group.

Jackie R, Senior Recruiter Banking Institution

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